The UNOFFICIAL Guide to South Padre Island Spring Break

All the news worth uploading - straight from South Padre Island!

Coca Cola Beach - The "largest beach party on the planet" - according to the Travel Channel - (and in its 17th year!) at Isla Grand Beach Resort March 6-23, 11 AM - 5 PM.

Going to Mexico? Better get that passport ASAP

Git Yr Springbreak Pics on this Page: Tag them "spibreak" in your flickr stream - that's all there is to it!

No MTV at Panama City this year - might as well come to SPI -

Tanning Bed Warning - Everyone is pale when they get here - you'll fit right in.

Spring Break Fashion Advice - for GUYS!!?? - For real! Check it out....

How To Get In Trouble in Mexico- sample tip: "Drinking yourself into a state of belligerent idiocy is probably a good way to meet American girls, but not such a good way to keep your ass from getting beaten."

"Getting Ripped for Spring Break" (Cheap Edition)

"The State of the Spring Break State" - are this year's breaker "smarter" than those of previous years?

Scuba Dive Spring Break on South Padre - why not?

Over exposed: Spring break is definitely not what it used to be. What happens on (Padre) no longer stays on Padre because Facebook and spring break have definitely made each others acquaintance ... more

Loud and Clear:

TABC has its eyes on YOU

...Sergeant Raul Salinas, from the Laredo office, said in some states alcoholic beverage control agents have no power to arrest. “All they can do is file police reports,” he said. “But here in Texas we are licensed law enforcement officers. We practice zero tolerance, and we don’t write tickets,” he said. “We arrest violators.”
He explained that enforcement would be about the same as in past years. The eighteen agents actively working Spring Break will work unannounced in various locations, he said.
“We’ll have undercover agents out there, some acting as store clerks in places that sell alcohol, and others posing as customers in those places,” he said. more

Getting in Shape for Spring Break - "...rushing to the gym a week before vacation starts and expecting to see results is not going to work for most people. So here is a practical approach..." more

A Trio of Spring Break Articles from "Chicago Flame":

Planning a sidetrip to Mexico this spring? The rules on what you need to get back into the US have changed - you will need a passport.

Bunch of Lightweights What kind of beers do Texan breakers prefer? According to the folks at Ben's Liquor store, that would be Bush Light, Keystone Light and Natural Light. ... more

Spring Break Survival Tips from the McAllen Monitor -- some good stuff here on daytrips to Mexico ...more

Interview with SPI Judge Colwell - the guy you really hope you don't have to deal with here ...more

updated 1/26/11

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