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South Padre Island Accommodations - South End

Many spring breakers like to choose their accommodations based on location. Historically speaking, Ground Zero for spring break on South Padre Island has been located at the Radisson/Royale beaches, though the

north end - anchored by the Bahia Mar and the small-but-eclectic Wanna Wanna Beach Bar & Grill at the Surf Motel - is increasingly giving the south end a run for its money.

If you want to stay near the action but don't have strong feelings about being right on the water, consider these south end properties - they will save you some bucks. In addition, these properties are very close indeed to the bayside entertainment district (Louie's, Tequila Frogs, etc.)

Map Links:

The town of South Padre Island is creeping northward and spring break seems to be following suit.

While the Bahia Mar has long been a 'breaker favorite, there are other good reasons to choose the north side, including less traffic/parking congestion; newer properties such as the La Quinta and Holiday Inn Express; and the alternative beachy, funky pleasures of Wanna Wanna Beach Bar & Grill at the Island Inn.

Just need a place to sleep? These 'breaker-friendly properties will offer that and more and will also make a perfect fit for a tight budget.

Tip: Follow the Guest Reviews links -- you might be surprised by who gets the best ratings in this bunch!

Mainland: Why would anyone want to stay on the other end of the causeway? I can think of several reasons, including proximity to Mexico (should you plan to be partying there a lot); budget concerns; and a desire to only dip a toe in spring break (as opposed to the total immersion plan.)

Finally, consider Port Aransas. It doesn't have the activities or cachet of SPI, but his town has plenty of charm all its own... and it's closer to nearly everything.

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