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updated 1/27/05

SPIbreak.com is currently averaging 600 unique visitors/day
(see for yourself)

Advertise Your SPI - Area Business

Rotating Banners - horizontal or vertical - include account control panel and exposure/click-through stats:
1 month (Feb. or March) 3 months (Jan. - March) Year (Now-Sept. '04)
  • on SPIbreak only
$100 $300 $400
  • on all three sites
$200 $450 $600
Banner Creation/Modification
$25 and up
Static Banners - horizontal or vertical - can replace any rotating banner slot - first come, first served. Prices below are for comparison purposes only. E-me and tell me what you want to put where and I will make you an offer... volume discounts now available (but they won't be for long.)
1 month (Feb. or March) 3 months (Jan. - March '04) Season (Now-April '04)
horizontal banner - top or bottom - on premium pages $500 $700 $850
full banner - top or bottom - on all other pages $200 $400 $600
vert. banner on premium pages $300 $450 $600
vertical banner on all other pages $50 $150 $250

Rotating Banner Stats from Oct. 27, 2002 - Oct. 1, 2003

The average rotating banner was seen about 70,000 times and clicked upon approx. 550 times.

*These rates valid only when ordered over the internet and paid for on our secure server. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and electronic checks. Your ad will be posted as soon as payment has been made. (For orders of $500 and more we may agree to accept payment in installments.)

Questions? please contact sandy feet at 956-761-6222 or e-mail webwiz@spibreak.com

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