The UNOFFICIAL Guide to South Padre Island Spring Break

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IT'S ON! South Padre Island Spring Break '14

South Padre Island is the ultimate Spring Break destination, where over 100,000 spring break students party annually on a 5-mile strip in the Gulf of Mexico, making it the #1 spring break travel point in not only the US, but in the world!

Spring Break 2014 News & Updates

Rob Nixon's Good Advice for South Padre Island 'Breakers Sample rules:

1. Bartenders at Louie's Backyard don't respond well to whistling but do respond to tips in hand.

2. Bartenders will not "hook you up" out of charity. It's going to cost you.

3. Contrary to what your cab driver told you, bungee jumping is NOT free if you are naked

4. Guys shouldn't even ask about naked bungee jumping for free!

South Padre Island Spring Break Advice - Lots of good info here so check it out!

"Don't do anything at a club you'd be mortified to see on CNN tomorrow" - The Smart Girls Guide to Spring Break is a must read for the boys as well.